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Eugene Children’s Photography | Taylor & Cole

Weather is quite unpredictable.  It’s close to the end of July and it feels like it’s the end of May.  I am

Eugene Oregon Children's Photographer | 6 Months Old | Jackson

Well, the rainy season is upon us…and hopefully snow as well!  That means more indoor/studio shots.  With me, you

Eugene Oregon Children's Photographer | Happy Birthday, Baby!

Sweet.  Joyful.  Beautiful.  One.  Happy Birthday, Graeson!

Eugene Oregon Children's Portrait Photographer | Siblings

Since my brother is out of the country for a while, I’m trying to get some pictures of his children up so he can

Eugene Oregon Children's Portrait Photographer | Baby Session | My Niece!

So, my sister-in-law wanted to surprise my brother (who is currently in Afghanistan) with some pictures of his sweet

Eugene Oregon Photographer | Newborn Session | Hello little brother!

Finally, summer is here! Mr. Sunshine makes me so happy…there is not many other things that can make me happier,