Oregon Portrait Photographer | The Leonard Family

My family and the Leonards have been friends for a long time; our kids have known each other since birth.  So when Katie texted me to see if I had an opening while I was in Eugene, I made sure that I did!  Both Katie and Craig take great pictures of their children so I was truly honored that they would ask me.  We started at a wonderful little farm just outside of Eugene, the River Bend Farm & Pleasant Hill Orchard.  This is one of my favorite locations for fall colors.  Even on the last day of summer, there were some fall colors!  And, they have wonderful fruits and veggies at their store.  🙂  Katie and Craig are also farmers so we ended the session on their little (not so little by OC standards) property.  Anyways, there were so many great images, I’m only posting the tip of the iceberg….enjoy!

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