Orange County Portrait Photographer | The Mission at San Juan Capistrano | The O’Neil Family

Having family down in Orange County makes my life that much better…I get to go visit them and as a bonus, I get to enjoy some much needed sunshine.  I am one of those people that need my vitamin D…all.the.time!  So, for Thanksgiving, my little family went down and celebrated with the rest of my husband’s family.  It is always so fun, especially for my kids.  They LOVE their Papa & Grammy and all their cousins!!  During my trip, I generally try to book some sessions, so if you’re in Orange County, feel free to call me and we may be able to work in a session while I’m down for my visits…or, I’d love to make extra trips as well!  😉

Here is a fun session with one of my favorite families in the whole wide world!  We visited The Mission at San Juan Capistrano for this session.  What an amazing place, and not just for photography!  I love visiting old ruins and pondering on the lives of those who once walked the paths I was walking on.  Awesome!

AND, I made them a Christmas card as well!…but I guess I won’t show that until after they’re sent out…wouldn’t want to spoil their fun!

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