Oregon Children's Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer | 1st Birthday! | Sneak Peek

Okay, this is a special request for Daddy since he wasn’t able to be with us during this session. Here’s a look at little CJ “enjoying” his birthday cupcake! But first, I had to show you my favorite image from the day….


Doesn’t he look like he’s saying “Why I oughtta….will you get that thing out of my face?!!?” I love it! Maybe his parents won’t think so, but I just love it! It’s an expression I have not captured yet from this little guy! LOL! Okay Daddy, here’s some sneak peeks of CJ’s cake eating…


He was definitely a little cautious at first…but then just dug right in! “Texture first…got test the texture of the cream, making sure it’s good and sticky. Then just a little taste. Mmmm, that’s good!”


“Let’s get a little bit more…oh yeah, I think I got enough this time!”


“Whoa! Are my eyes watering? Wow! Now that’s sugar!!” What a “sweet” session this was! We had lots of fun and the rest will get posted…soon. 🙂 Happy Birthday, little buddy!

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