Oregon Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer | A fond farewell to Summer….

As I sit here in my house, freezing because the weather has definitely changed and the temperature has dropped way beyond my comfort zone of a cool 85, I can hear the clicking and crackling of our baseboard heaters trying to heat up my house…yes, we’ve turned the heaters on already! These baseboard heaters will be working overtime in the next long months of fall and winter, trying to keep this completely non-energy-efficient house of mine warm. The only thoughts that can help me make it through these next few months are of the splendid colors of the fall that I will get to photograph in, the probability of going snowboarding in powder this year (I’ve been away from the slopes for way too long), and the anticipation of getting photos like the one below printed in a size of 16×24 or larger to put up so I can look at and feel all warm inside! This picture was taken on a little vacation my children and I took with a dear and wonderful friend of mine and her daughter to central Oregon. It was a beautiful few days and this image was captured as we were leaving for home. I love the moment and feeling of this image…and the colors were just awesome!!! Yes, this is an image that warms me from the inside out! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Good-bye beautiful, hot days of summer….I loved you when you were here…and I’ll miss you until next year.


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